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bad stick of corsair value select 512mb


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i purchased 2x512mb corsair value select ram sticks, from newegg less than a year ago. I have been running them dual channel on a ga-7n400 board with an amd 2800+. my computer has been acting up lately, random shut downs and install errors when installing a new os.


i have already checked the following:

1. make sure the ram was seated correctly

2. the bois settings were correct


Anyways i ran some diagnostic tests on the ram using memtest86 and i found that one of the sticks fails one of the tests. so i took out the stick of ram and left the other in, cleared up my problems.


Basically i need an RMA so i can get another stick for this bad one




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yes my motherboard settings are optimized and actually running the chip at 2700+ guess the ram limits the settings on this board. any ways i would rather not have to send both chips in just the one for the following reasons:

1. these are the only ram sticks i have, and i need the good one for my computer especially while i rma this other one.

2. sending in both sticks of ram is kind of a waste of resources (time and money) for corsair. On a small scale its not a big deal, when you start looking at it on a larger scale of maybe thousands or hundreds of thousands of sticks being replaced that need not be, i could see the replacement costs rising. so just the bad stick will do.



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