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Can't find source for TWIN2X12024A-5400UL


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I used a TWIN2X12024A-5400UL pair when I built my machine in September 05. I love the performance I'm getting out of these parts at 2.1v and I would like to add another pair to my machine to bring it up to 2GB. However, I can't find any vendor with the 5400UL DIMMs in stock or even on the price list. Everything seems to be 5400C which has very different timings. Even NewEgg where I bought the first set doesn't list the 5400UL SKU any more.


So my questions are:

1. Can you recommend a vendor for TWIN2X12024A-5400UL?

2. What other Corsair product would be a compatable substitution?

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OK RAM Guy, I'm in the business so I understand the semiconductor grading, yield and allocation problem. The question is: What are my options for adding another GB?


1. Is there another Corsair part, perhaps one made for a faster clock rate, that I can run at the 5400UL timings at 675MHz (and 2.1v since I cant set the voltages independantly).


2. If there is no other part available that can be run at the 5400UL timings/675/2.1, where do I have to back the timings off too to match up with the next fastest parts that ARE available?


3. Is bus loading going to become an issue when I add the second pair (of whatever) and if so what timings would you recommend as compensation?

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