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Help setting timings for Ram Twinx2048-3200


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I've been having troubles with my computer crashing, and one thing my motherboard tech support wanted me to do was set my timings for my ram.

I have TWINX2048-3200 ram, supposed to be set for 3-3-3-8

My motherboard is Asus A8N-E

what do i set for the following in BIOS:


Memclock index value (Mhz):

Cas# Latency(Tcl):

Min RAS# active time(Tras):

Ras# to Cas# delay(Trcd):

Row precharge Time(Trp):

Row cycle time(Trc):

Row refresh cyc time(Trfc):

Read-to-Write time(Trwt):

Write Recovery time(Twr):

1T/2T memory timing:


thanks in advance.

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