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Issue on boot up


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I bought my RAM from Fry's Electronics about a year ago. Their return warrantee lasts only for 15 days. It has been working fine during that time period. All of a sudden when I was trying to copy a CD to my HDD my PC locked up. Since then my machine had an issue booting to the OS. I purchased 2 memory sticks of 512 Mb. Both appear to be bad. In attempting to prove this I tried booting to each RAM stick by trying to boot to one stick at a time with the same result, lock up on boot. I also reset the CMOS after switching RAM sticks, with the same result. I have no clue how this occurred. Also, on boot up the POST on my Award MB is one long beep, bad RAM, with each RAM stick. On occasions, OS does boot to the OS. But, with in 5 minutes PC locks up. Upon reboot, same result. The machine will not allow me to run the Memory test. It locks up in DOS mode. The BIOS does not detect any problems every time. If I leave PC off for about 15 minutes, the BIOS does not notice any issues with the RAM. However, sometimes it does, one long beep.
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