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Bad 512 MB CMX512-4000 Pro


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I purchased (4) 512 MB CMX512-4000 Pro modules from NewEgg. I installed them in a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe FX-55 based system. I am not overclocking the system at all and discovered that I was getting random BSOD. I eliminated all variables and narrowed it down to memory. I downloaded memtest and tested the memory. Sure enough, errors. I installed on stick at a time and narrowed it down to where 1 out of the 4 sticks is causing the error.


How do I go about getting a RMA for the defective module.

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  • Corsair Employees

These modules have a minimum suggest Voltage of 2.75 Volts with one set and if you are running 2 sets of modules you will have to run the memory frequency at DDR333 and I would set the voltage to 2.8 Volts and set these timings and do not over clock.

CPU Freq: 200 MHz

System Performance: User Define

Memory Frequency: 167 Mhz DDR333

Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts

Resulting Frequency: DDR333

Memory Timings: Manual/User Define

SDRAM CAS Latency: 2.5T

SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3T

SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 3T

SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 7T

Then test the system with http://www.memtest.org

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