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value select pc133


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i bought a 512mb stick and after putting it in ive had lots of problems


i put the stick in try to open a few things.. after adaware and internet explorer opened fine i left the house


i came back with my mother telling me she was having java problems


so i try to start internet explorer and flash.ocx was crashing

then spybot's helper was crashing

then mcafee's virus scan was crashing


at this point i figured it was a corruption of some sort


so i put the hard drive in the big computer and ran the virus scan.. came back with nothing


she hadnt installed anything and the install had only been up about a month so i decided to format the drive... considering that by this point windows wouldnt boot at all (wouldnt system restore either)


now im having trouble with the windows install... files are coming up invalid from the official disk.. ive used this disk five times in the past without any errors at all.. (im still playing nice guy at the moment)


ive gotten windows to load but 'system' was having trouble installing and everything crashes.. im gonna wipe it off and try again


ok now for the questions


i would like to rule out coincidence so.. is it possible that ram can have this much affect?


i ran a benchmark when i first put it in and that completed fine.. my lack of knowledge tells me that if the stick was bad i wouldnt even get to the desktop of windows


i also question if i have a counterfeit stick


i have a stick of 512 pc3200 with value select on the ram chips

but with this pc133 it says avt on the chips.. it has the value select sticker on it which could probably be peeled off


so my two questions are:


1. is it possible for all that corruption to come from a ram module?


2. is my ram module counterfeit based on the writing on the chips?


for now im gonna try to get a good install with this windows xp


thanks for reading

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