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interlocking nylon hose clamps


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Another indication of the superior engineering of the COOL kit is the inclusion of interlocking nylon clamps which provide a smooth 360 degree clamp. But the only sources for these I have found on the net is an aquarium company that lists the clamp but says they are backordered and wholesale industrial

companies with large minimum orders. I don't understand why all water-cooling kits, except Corsair, use the overlapping clamps.


I need more of these clamps pronto!

Where can I get them?

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Kapt Crunch,

I live in Boise ID and there are no interlocking clamps in this town.

The picture in the link you posted does not reveal if they are interlocking

and the description indicates they might be, but they are pricey.


I found a site yesterday,


, that has the clamps I want for 8 cents each. I was able to place an online order on Saturday without a purchase order number and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will not reject such a small order.


Here's a link to the manufacturer's site:



Someone who can buy wholesale could sell a ton of these clamps on eBay!



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