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Abit VT7 and VS1GBKIT400 Times 2


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I read into the past history with This Corsair package and this Abit board. There are twelve searchable posts for the Abit VT7 board. I had no issues with either using one kit of 2x512's VS's until I determined that I needed to populate the other two slots....That is when the problems started. There were two or three other threads that seemed to go down the same road as I was going. I did not see a post where anyone had a happy resolution with the exception of one individual who purchased a different mother board, and said that everything was now working OK. That one made the most sense., I had already sent one pair of modules back to the vendor due to high restart and errors etc, which they quickly replaced. Bear in mind I had already done all sorts of stick swapping etc and nothing seemed to work out with 4 sticks in the system. Rather than involve the new ones, I pulled them out and them did slot swaps with my old known good memory and they ran clean.....I moved them to the other two slots for dual...and they continued to run well.....Obviously I had an issue with the new sticks.....wrong......I left out one piece of the test......I should have put the new sticks in by themselves in a one and three or two and four deal....After I recieved the replacement modules and again had problems, I tried that route too.....with odd results. Then I followed advice here, and cranked up the juice to the max setting of 2.8 volts....According to PC health in the BIOS, the actual delivery is 2.77 volts....The olnly reading that seems low in BIOS PC Heath is the 12v leg which is showing 11.8 at most times that I look for it.


I have a fake plug / wrist strap adaptor deal...not the best...but way better than nothing. Since I pull the plug from the AC input on the PC, as one should, to work on a PC, ya need to find a ground somewhere else. I put in the new sticks by themselves in both 1 and 3 and later 2 and 4. They ran clean with memtest+ for hours. Then I put the old ones back in with them...Spewing errors again. Reseated them, got better but still not clean. I swapped the slots with both pairs, and this time I got one error in test 7 in ten complete passes of all test. Something tells me this is about the best I am going to do. I that that there is either a compatibility problem or there is just something flaky about the VT7 fully populated memory slots. I am using the stock 429 watt supply in the Aspire XDREAMER II Case. When it has about 12-18 months on it, I will swap it out for a heavy duty 450 W or so. I do not think it would make any difference right now. The load otherwise is not heavy.


By the way running at 2.5, 3, 3, and 9 for right now. I may play with that a little later, but after spending two days on what should have been a ten minute project, I have a lot of work to catch up.


Your comments would be greatly appreciated, since as mentioned before, I did not see any resolutions in prior posts.


WD 160 ATA

Maxtor Ultra 200 ATA


PNY 5500 Nvidea Video

4 USB ports feeding 4 AC powered hubs

One Firewire Card

One floppy drive

Sceptre 19" LCD

The DVD RW is external

XDREAMER II case, 420 W Supply

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Will the system run and pass http://www.memtest.org one set of modules at a time? And is it stable with just one set? If so I would suspect some other problem. In addition, you have a lot of HDD's in your system and the PSU you have listed may not be enough. I would try and disconnect all of the devices in your system and run http://www.memtest.org and see if that makes a difference. If so that might suggest you need a bigger PSU.
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I failed to make clear a couple of items pertaining to your questions. When I ran all of these test, I had all of the external drives were disconnected leaving me with only the two internal ide, a floppy, and a cd/RW to deal with.


Memtest 86+ ran fine in pairs for over twelve hours, so do not think the issue is really with failing sticks.


I'm not real cozy with any stock supply outside of maybe Antec in their cases. However other posts had mentioned upgrading supplies without improved results for this board. I have considered moving over to an Asus P4P800SE, as I may have a potential buyer for the VT7 who only needs one gig of ram.


I understand that this board pretty easily overclocks the 3.2 Pentium, which may be another good reason to go that route in addition to fixing the problem. Your opinion on the VS 3200 with this Asus Board?


If I go that route, I would also upgrade the supply to at least an Antec True power 550. A Smart Power will not fit. Cannot go over 6 inches deep even a fraction. (cooling fan)


This supply is about $80. Could not go much over that.

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I think you will have a much better experience with any Intel based chipset MB when running 4 modules. And don’t be skimpy on the PSU you will regret it later. Ennermax and Sparkle have proven to run well for us here as well and you may be able to get a bit better unit for the same money. If you can I would get at least 600 Watt with the config you gave.
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I went ahead and ordered the Antec TPII 550w supply. Still getting 2 or three errors on memtest 86+ after four or five hours in test 7. I tried goldmem and it spewed over a thousand errors in test 122 before I stopped it. If the PSU does not work, looks like I'll go with the ASUS board. Wish I had just put 2-1 gig sticks in this thing to start with. I probably would not be going thru this routine.


However another question for you.


Running the voltage up to the max which is 2.8 volts does reduce the BSOD crashes a lot. The bios default is 2.65.


Would this lead you to suspect even more that the issue is PSU related?


The BSOD carshes are most frequent when I have a taskbar full of apps open and doing stuff within one of the big ones. Not nessesarily cpu intensive either. I can run Halo for an hour or so and not have a crash.

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