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K8V-MX no video with Corsair PC2100


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Just got myself a new Asus K8V-MX motherboard. I was hoping to be able to use a couple of Corsair PC2100 ECC sticks that I still had lying around. According Asus the MB should work with PC2100 ECC memory.


When starting the pc I get no video signal. I tried using both sticks, one stick, different slots, but nogo. With no memory I get the usual beeps at startup, but with the memory there are no beeps; everything appears okay except I don't have video.


Then I took out a DDR400 stick out of my other pc and using this stick my newly build pc works without any problem. This stick is not Corsair btw.


Did anyone solve similar problems or do I just throw away the old Corsairs and get myself new DDR400 memory?


Any thoughts are much appreciated. TIA!

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but, according to ASUS, that MOBO does not support ECC memory:




You may want to look at the Corsair memory suggester to pick some appropriate memory for your system:





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Can you post the complete part # and info from the sticker on the memory? I think I have it figured out. The MOBO will support ECC but not registered memory. If you memory is registered, and not unbuffered, that is your problem. The P4C800 series MOBOs from ASUS were the same way and people kept trying to run ECC registered memory in them. They will support ECC but it has to be unbuffered ECC, not registered ECC.


Hope this helps. Mike.

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