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ValueSelect + XMS PC3200PT


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I have an Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 mainboard with an Athlon X2 3800+ cpu.


I have 2x256 ValueSelect PC3200 and a pair of Twinx 2x256 XMS PC3200PT


I can't make my system run with DDR400 when the 4 modules are plugged in, the bios autorecognises the ram as DDR266, manualy I can go up to DRR333 but higher the system won't start.


If only one of the two pairs of module are inserted, DDR400 runs without any trouble. It seems that their is a compatibility issue between the valueSelect and my XMS.


Is their something to do to make them run together at DDR400 ?

Here are the timmings :


ValueSelect : 2.5 2 2 5


XMS PC3200PT : 3 3 3 8


Is it a latency issue or a voltage issue between the 2 ? I don't know !


Thanks for your help



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