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1 of 2 works, what now?


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I own 3 sticks of RAM, all XMS level 3200C2PT's. When I first built my 32-bit computer, I got one stick of CMX512-3200C2PT. A year later I bought another, identical except for the lot code. And both worked fine, I had 2x512mb for about another year. Then this summer I built a new 64-bit computer, moved one stick to it, left the other in the old computer. So at this point I had two computers running 512mb each. About 3 months after building I invested in a Gig o' RAM, same as everything else save for the size: CMX1024-3200C2PT. For a while, I ran both computers with 1 gig each, then decided to make the newer computer 1.5GB, while the other back down to 512. At this point, my understanding of what exactly is going on stopped.


Right now, I've tried every combination of locations for both the half- and 1-gig module (slots 2-4, I can't use slot 1 because of my Heatsink getting in the way), the only way it works leaves me with only 1GB of RAM, and my 512mb stick, although fully functional, is not used at all. Half the time, when I'm moving each stick from slot to slot, my computer won't even POST, and I get a repeating single beep when I power up. Regardless of where each stick is, when I am able to boot into the OS, the amount of memory is always 1024mb. I would think that if it's a matter of which slot the memory is in to be used, I'd be able to see both 512 and 1024 for my memory size depending on which stick is in which slot.


Does anyone have any idea on how I'd be able to use both sticks in my new PC??




Old Rig:

Abit NF7-S Mobo

Athlon 2800+

GeForce 5600 256mb


(1x 512MB Corsair XMS RAM)


New Rig:

Abit AX8

Athlon64 3800+

ATi X850XT PE 256mb


Ultra X-Connect 500w PSU

(1x 1GB Corsair XMS & 1x 512MB Corsair XMS RAM)



Sorry about the long post, any help I can get is appreciated.

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