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Corsair 1GB Flash Voyager Problem..


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I bought this from ZipZoomFly.com ORDER TIME: Sat Oct 15 2005 07:10:37 A.M. PT, their return policy is 30 days.


I am having a problem with this flash memory. I insert it into my computer, or any computer, and it recognizes it. I explore to the files I want and when I click I get an error message that says the drive is not formatted, do I want to format it now. I say no and then I can browse out to the file, sometimes it will work sometimes it won't. I have reformatted and redownloaded the files I use at least 5 times and keep getting the same problem. The files work on my home computer, but when I use the USB Key I can't transfer them.


What is the warranty policy on this or what troubleshooting steps am I to take from here.




David Senart

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