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Flash Voyager 1GB recognized as USB-FDD by a laptop BIOS and HDD by a desktop BIOS


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Can someone who knows what is really going on explain the following?


When I try to boot my laptops (HP Pavilion ZV6000 series, Ferrari 4005) with the Flash Voyager 1GB the stick is recognised by BIOS as a Floppy Drive. The same stick is recognised by BIOS on the desktop systems (Intel motherboard and ASUS motherboard) as a hard disk drive.


I tried the same with 2 other USB sticks (LEXAR JumpDrive 512MB and some noname 128MB stick) and both were recognised as hard disk drives both on the laptops and on the desktops.


I would really appreciate if the Flash Voyager also appeared as a hard disk drive because I believe that is the standard behaviour of a flash drive. The described behaviour of Voyager drive on laptops causes problems with e.g. booting from this device.


My conclusion is that there is as issue with the Flash Voyager memory stick. It is a shame because otherwise it is a fairly good piece of hardware.





PS: All memory sticks had the same file systems and partitions defined. No matter whether they were bootable or not, the result was always the same.

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