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SODIMM Voltage and Size.


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I am hoping you can help me.


In my MSI MS-1029 I currently have a single 512MB Value Select, VS512SDS400, module. I want to ADD 1GB Value Select, VS1GSDS400, module. The laptop is socket 754 based so there isnt a dual channel issue, but according to my most likely retailer, NewEgg, the voltage on the 1GB module is 2.6 volts but on the 512MB module it is only 2.5 volts.

Would this create an issue? Could any issue be managed by placing one or the other module in the 2nd slot intentionally?


Thank You.

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I am not sure you will be able to mix these 2 modules but you can try it. And the voltage for DDR400 is 2.6 Volts +-1.0 Volt. Whats on Neweggssite is not always accurate. I would just try it. But you would be best to use just the 1.0 Gig module by it self.
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