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Corsair Flash Voyager 512mb


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Hi there, i have had my corsair flash voyager 512mb for almost a year now i would imagine, and it has started giving me problems. The first found when i plugged my flash drive into the school USB, containing a lot of my coursework, to see the message, Your drive needs formatting (yes/no) which of course i clicked no to, i then tried in the next pc, and the next to get the same message, before trying at home, and finally (re)formatting the drive. i then put some work on it again, to take it downstairs to my mum's pc, to print off some work, ( i dont have a printer ), and got the same message, after trying it again in my own pc, i got the same message again. The problem keeps coming back, but is very intermittent. I no longer have any of the packaging etc that came with the drive, but as it said it was a "lifetime" warrenty can i return it? There has been no tampering to it, it hasnt got wet, thrown around or anything of that nature. Please help, what do i do?.. do i need an RMA number or something??



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Please try and format your Flash Voyager with Corsair EZ-Recover Utility. Please note; this will not recover Data; it’s made to recover the FAT table for the Flash drive.

But First if you need to recover some data there are some third party utilities available that may help you if you have some data you need to recover from this site.

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