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Major Problems!


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I purchased the Corsair COOL water kit in Oct 05 to cool my Pentium D processor. The COOL system exceded my expectations by lowering my temp to an average of 50 degrees C. Then one day while gaming my computer started to sieze up, I looked down and noticed that my DVD drive light was constantly green which was odd because there was not a disk in the drive. I immediatly turned off the computer and opened the drive bay door to find that my DVD/RW was completely soaked in the green fluid from the COOL reservoir that was mounted above it. The COOL reservoir had cracked on both the inlet and outlet seams and leaked most of the water out into my computer and caused my CPU to overheat. If you own this cooling system you can see where the the reservoir is made of two pieces and melted together, at those seams on the back of the reservoir is where the water leaked out.


I immediatly went to the Corsair website to get help and submitted a request to get a replacement reservoir and another bottle of coolant. A week past with no word from customer support so I submitted another request asking for the same help and again no word from customer support. So now Im buying a Thermaltake AquaBay M3 and I am going to give a negative review, 0 stars and thumbs down review on every website I can find this product being sold on.


For all you folks out there that have an expensive rig, please check those seams, its cheaper to replace it now then have it bust on you.

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I guess that is definitely something to watch for.

I have had 4 PC's cooled by Coolkits since Sept.'05 and no problems so far. They run 24/7/365. Perhaps the problem comes from heating and cooling ( maybe overheating if you're a gamer ) the plastic reservoir. Many materials don't like expansion and contraction and seams are the weak point. I'll bet you over did the clamping of the piping on the reservoir.

It's too bad that you feel you must 'bad-mouth' an exceptionally good product; but I'm sure Corsair will survive; as most people see the 2% of bad reviews as the cost of doing business. There will always be some failures; as there will always be some 'gripe'rs'.

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the clamping has nothing to do with where the water leaked out, its in the actual molding of the reservoir itself. I only turn my computer off when its storming so like you I run mine 24/7. As far as bad mouthing, people need to read the negatives and most of my frustration comes from the fact that Corsair has not responded to my emails and phone calls.
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B Sutto,


The HDPE reservoir product for the Corsair COOL is made by CoolingWorks. The link is here: http://www.coolingworks.com/products/CWBR5.html


There were early reservoirs that had seam problems. The forums have discussed this in the past.


As for Corsair not returning your calls, that seems somewhat normal since they do get an overwhelming amount of calls per day.


The Corsair website, RMA submitted form, fax and e-mail to COOLGUY/RAMGUY tends to provide the best results.


RMA on-line form: http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/rma_request.html


RMA via form and fax (510-743-1188): http://www.corsairmemory.com/main/rma_request.pdf





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