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cant install my 2nd 1gb ram


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hi , i got VS2GBKIT533D2 with my Asus P5ND2-SLI

i can use 1gb of ram on B1 slot, the system run fine. but when i put the other 1gb into A1 slot, the system start, but nothing show up on my monitor.

so i test each 1gb ram into my B1 slot 1 at a time. each run fine. so i am sure the ram are not bad.

called up ASUS tech support. told me to set the Memory timing manually to 4-4-4-12 , all else to auto. samething, 2 X 1gb just wont work.

ASUS say it might be the memory controller on the board is bad.

but they told me to call up corsair first to see if there's anything i can do to fix it before i RMA the Board.

anyone have this problem before ? i have not update any Bios or Chipset Driver.

i am using A thermaltake 420W PSU, and its 20pin so i use a 20 to 24 pin adapter. hope it's not what messing the ram up.

Intel 630

Corsair 2X1gb value select


the video card should not use too many power right ? will my Power supply unit be enought to run this system ? i dont overclock. DO the PSU matter to Video card performance ? more means better ? and will PSU matter to my memory ? i was thinking of upgrade to a ******** powersupply over 500 watt. it sure will boose the performance overall, right ?

it was disappointing when i put it together and test FEAR and DOOM3 HALFLIFE2 , DOD source ....etc on it. it Lag some how. not as smooth as i expected. i even turn all the antialisaing off. didnt help. my friend told me it gotta be my harddrive. still using old harddrive from 2 to 3 yrs ago.

i am thinking getting a SATA harddrive. SATA 1.5gbps dont make much different than 3.0 gbps ? i heard the acutall speed is under 1gbps, more like 80 to 90 mbps right ? and how about 16mb cache and 8 mb cache.

thanks , hope anyone can help out my Ram problem

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