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TWIN2X-5300C4 help


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ok i dont know anything about intel boards...so if someone can help me out with this problem...below is a problem that my friend is having with his memory timings...any help would be usefull and appreciated


mobo: Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI Pro (nforce4 SLI Intel)

cpu: p4 630 Prescott 3.0ghz (LGA775 Socket T)

ram: Corsair Dual Channel DDR2 XMS2 2x512 DDR667 PC5300 (model# TWIN2X-5300C4) (url: http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/products/specs/twin2x1024-5400c4.pdf )


another quick question: is it normal for someone running ddr400 in a NON-dual channel setup to show 200mhz mem frequency in CPU-Z and someone running ddr667 in DUAL channel setup (me) to show 167mhz mem freq in CPU-Z?? Both systems are p4's. his is the socket before Socket T, mine is Socket T


basically he is running in dual channel and its freq is 167mhz...i sent him the timings and it hasnt helped the mobo to recognize at 200mhz..thanks again

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