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req info regarding random crashes using 4x vs512mb400


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hi there ,


i had 2 x vs512mb400 running for a while all seemed fine no noticable errors i can recall but since adding an additional 2 sticks i seem to be suffering from random reboots mainly during gaming but occasionally from the desktop too , these seem to be very sporadic and theres no way to trigger the event . event viewer comes up with various errors and everywhere i look it leads to ram/psu ive been monitoring my psu ratings and they seem fine 12v lowers to 11.56 under stress from its stable 11.76 nothing worth worrying about as the tolerence is 5% from what from ive read . if im mistaken feel free to correct me this is my first monitoring such things and im going by info ive gathered on various sites that may not be 100% accurate .


ive ran mem test for 4 hrs with all 4 sticks in and get no errors reported and after reading these forums have increased my dimm +0.2 as that seems to be a reacurring adjustmeant made as first port of call . i only did that a short while ago so have no way to say if it has or hasnt fixed the problem yet though .


my main questions would be


1: is runing memtest with all 4 sticks in and recieving no errors a good enough test or do i need to run the test with the sticks seperatly ?


2: looking at my motherboard in the bios i have no options for setting the CL-RCD-RP-RAS so there all at the defaults of 2.5-3-3-8 i have no intention of overclocking but i do want my system to be stable are these settings fine the way they are ?


3: is there anything else any one could suggest hint,hint ram guy ;)

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