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Fastest Corsair 2x1024 setup to work with Abit AN8 SLI?


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I play a lot of Battlefield 2 with med/high settings at 1600x1200 0/AA. That program alone can use up at least 800mb. Along with background programs and Norton Security I'm barely getting by with 2x512 OCZ Platinum Rev2. If I don't close enough background programs the game can stutter frequently and results in me getting killed!!! ARRGGG I want to upgrade to a pair of 1 gig sticks.


What's the fastest pair of 1GB sticks that's compatible with the Abit AN8-SLI motherboard. I believe the RAM needs to be 3200. And I have no interest in OC'ing. I'm interested in the XMS Pro or XMS Xpert series. I also don't want to break the bank and would like to stick around a $200 budget. If need be I'll spend more.


Any info would be much appreciated!

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