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Will this work...?


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Before you say anything about using the configulaotr I already tried. However, my computer manufacturer is not listed, so I couldn't use it. I have an ibuypower laptop. Currently installed in my system is is 1 1024MB (1GB) DDR-400 PC-3200 [Notebook Memory] (SO-DIMM?). Anyway I was searching around and I found this chip:

DDR2 1GB PC2-4200 (533MHz) 200 Pin So-Dimm, Corsair VS1GSDS533D2

A friend told me once that new RAM is backwards compatable, which I understand that my computer would not use this RAM's full potential but would the RAM be running at full potential for my system (at DDR 400 PC3200 speeds?)

Here is a link to my specific laptop just for further information:


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