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new stick of Corsair memory is fried.


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I just purchased a stick of Corsair's PC3200 512MB last week. It ran fine for a couple days, then it fried. I kept getting the 'blue screen of death' until I removed the defective product.


FYI: I was playing a video game and apparently the new stick of memory couldn't handle the load the game was putting out. Brand new stick of memory, and it already crapped out.


Here's my dilema. I purchased it from TigerDirect.com. I would be more than happy to send it back to them, but they have a policy that you need to send in the defective product with the ORIGINAL packaging, which I no longer have. Will Corsair take this product back without the original packaging? And is TigerDirect one of Corsair's 'confirmed' sellers?


Thanks for the help,



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Serial #: 0549041-0

Lot Code: 589042


That's the information I got off the label of the defective module. Not sure what you mean by 'revisions.'


As far as changes to bios, I made none. It is the default BIOS setup on the DFI LANParty UT nF3 250Gb motherboard, brand new board. The only changes I have made in BIOS on this board were to the boot sequence, switching CD-Rom from 1st boot device to 2nd, and HDD from 2nd to 1st, so on and so forth.


I purchased one stick of Corsair VALUE SELECT PC3200 512MB memory about a month ago, and it still works perfectly. I just purchased a second one last week. The new one is the one I'm having problems with.


Oh yeah. Sorry, I forgot to mention in the original post that they are the VALUE SELECT. I have been told that ANY 'value' modules don't hold up well with some of the newer video games. So I'm hoping to pick up some higher performance memory for my gaming computer, and use these Value Selects in my work computer.


Thanks for looking into this.

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