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Bad RAM, Requesting RMA

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I've had my 2 sticks of Corsair PC3200 512Mb for about 8 months now, and have had no problems with it up until 2 days ago.


At first, it would crash in games (SWAT 4, CS:S, WoW), so I thought it was a video card problem. I quickly scraped that assumption when I could run video card tests with no problems. I then decided to run Prime95, which gave me an error 1 hour and 8 mins in. I then removed the RAM in my second DIMM slot (I have 2), and still had an error. I then took the RAM that I had taken from my second slot and replaced it with the RAM that was currently in the first slot (at this point, I have one stick in the first slot), and found that it worked. I switched it around one more time and still found that the one stick would give me errors.


From these tests, I concluded that one of my sticks (CS512MB400) is broken, and one is working fine (the one that is fine is currently in my computer.) I am requesting an RMA, unless someone can give a few more suggestions (although I think my testing was good enough.)

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