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A8V-E SE compatible with 4x1gig XMS 4000PT Corsair ram


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When I built this PC I had 2 gigs of 4000pt xms ram in it....I recently added 2 more gigs making it 4 gigs of corsair xms 4000pt ram Since doing this my PC has rebooted by itself numerous times, but Memtest 86+ finds no error's im stumped Asus Tech sup. said to ask corsair if there 4gigs of there mem was compatible with the motherboard when i asked them if i need to update bios. stumped help plz
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Last night i ram PC with 3 gig's it did not reboot once, I tested the memory with MEMTEST 86+ and have found no errors on any of the sticks.


CPU type AMD 64 FX-57

CPU speed 2800MKz


Chipset Vcore adjustment +1.6v

DRAM freq 200MHz

timing AUTO

Memclock index value 200Mhz

CAS# latency (Tcl) 3

Min RAS$ active time (tras) 8T

RAS# to CAS$ delay (Trcd) 3T

Row per charge time (trp) 3T

1T/2T Memory timing 2T

H/W DRAM Over 4G Remapping Enabled

MTRR mapping mode Continuous



Plug n Play yes

Resources controlled by auto

XIRQ resources

Assign IRQ for VGA Enabled


PCI expres relative items

Maximum Payload size 4096


CPU multiplier Auto

Hammer Vid Control Startup

Memory Voltage Adjustment 2.75 V

CPU Vcore Offset +100 mv



Freq Config

Spread spectrum Auto

PCIEx clock snyc. to CPU enable

x PCIEx Clock 100mhz

PCI clock snyc. to CPU enable

xPCI clock 33.0 MHz

CPU clock 200MHz


VCORE Voltage 1.49


Im not sure if this is what you were looking for I have not changed any settings from the way they were before(figures given above were with 1 gig im machine as im testing the ram again few more passes)

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