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Errors on XMS256 3500!!!


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Scuse my english...


I have xms pc3500 256 in dual (not twinx but work fine) who turn @215 (not at the speed by default) on my Asus since 2 years, but my pc cause latency or some blue screen since few month...


This is a friend who see the real problem...


After testing my ram (memtest in dos and windows), i see some errors on one of them...


after boost my voltage at 2.75, the problem continue...


Let me tell you more, the timing is on default... and after a manual test (at cas 2.5), the ram do the same thing...!!!


Fortunately, i buy a twinx1024 pc3200c2pt (Platinum) and those ram work fine @225 with cas 2.5 and voltage auto... (moreover, can you tell me until how much i can put voltage without roasting them?)


And do you think i can put my xms pc3500 2*256 in dual with my twinx pc3200 2*512, after resolve my problem of course....?!


Thank you for your answer!!


A french guy...

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The maximum voltage for all of our DDR1 modules would be 2.9 Volts and I would try 2.75 Volts with these modules and if you are running any memory test with the MB you have listed you have to disable legacy USB in your bios.
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Ok but it do the same result...

Just for say, my new modules (twinx pc3200C2pt) (platinum) work fine same with legacy usb...:confused:

And if i understand what the seller tell me, this module can run at!

But it don't work!

Some error appear at CaS 2.5 and 3!

Whereas the other work fine...

It's not better for me to proceed at a RMA?!

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You think?! :confused:


But this is 4 modules CORSAIR xms...


So it's possible to mix them with 2*256 and 2*512 on dual...!?


In any case, i have no choice. One of them bugggg


So i try it when my modules come back to me.


Maybe it will be twinx (please god, do this for me :laughing: )


I would see.;):

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