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Bad stick of Mem


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I bought 2 PC133 512 sticks of memory about 6 months ago, ran in my system great. Earlier this week I had a problem with my OS locking up, and being unable to successfully complete an fsck. The first thing I attempted to do was boot to a Knoppix LiveCD, which would just start trying to load linux, but go to a black screen. For s&gs, I decided to see if a Windows CD would boot, but I would get a ntkernel could not be loaded with an error 14.


Tonight, I decided to see if the memory was affecting the computer. I have 3 memory sticks in there, all PC133. I take the first one out, Knoppix cd will not load. I take out the 2nd one out (the good corsair stick) and the system will show the splash screen like it is normally booting up, but then the screen goes black and the three lights (numlock, capslock, and scroll lock) blink repeatedly and the system restarts.


So I take out the third stick (the bad corsair) out and put the other two in. I boot to the Knoppix cd fine, restart the system and so far have been running fsck without any problems (with the bad stick, it would lock the computer within 2 minutes, and so far it has been running for 15).


Any tips or RMA # would be much appreciated ;).




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