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P4c800 no video post with new xms ram


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Hi all, Been going nuts searching around the net for answers on this situation i am having.


I recently decided to get 2 gigs of ram so i got a matched set of cmx1024-3200c2pt's .I had 4 sticks of Corsair twinx 256k 3200llpt which worked fine but not enough for my needs.When i try to boot it with the new ram it does not show video but power goes to everything . I hooked up the speakers to the mobo and the voice said cpu failed due to overclocking, but i have the newest bios set to defaults. I even tried setting to reccommended timings for new ram.When i put the old ram back in it works great with no problems.I cleared the rts by moving jumper back and forth and taking battery out.No good on that.I am out of ideas here. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated here.I am hoping the ram is compatible here.I see other people using it on same board.



My system:


Asus p4c800 deluxe with bios version 1019 (newest)

p4 2.8 ht

ati radeon 9800 pro

antec true blue 480 watt psu

Corsair xms ram listed above



Thanks in advance

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Thanks for responding.


I did not do that yet. I will have to set it with old ram, then power down and put new ram in. I tried single config stick, dual stick config in every slot.Keeps giving me overclocking error with new ram .I would easily be able to set the bios up but with the new ram there is no video at all.Monitor standby light blinks.


I am gonna try the voltage and ill check back in here.

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I will Let you know the outcome when they get here. Computer should run great with the 2 gigs of twinx. I might even keep 2 x 256 twinx chips in there for the 2.5 gig of ram.Would there be a problem with that ,being that the older ram is version 1 and the newer was version 2? I had one of the gig sticks in with 2 of the 256's and ran it in single channel mode without a prob that i can see.Would this affect dual channel mode?


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