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TwinX1024-3200c2pro on P4g8x


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today i got my new memory: 2x CMS512-3200C2Pro. i ordered them yesterday so i was quiet happy to hold them in my hands already.


so i unplugged my pc, get my old memory (2x256mb pc2600) out, installed the new ones, plugged it in and hit the power button.

i was kinda disappointed when i here the four magic words: "system failed memory test"

i've got 4 memory slots and so i tried out a few varitions with the new and the old dimms. but nothing worked well.


after reading the documentations again i was worried if those dimms really fit. it says it supports PC1600 und pc2100 dimms, nothing about pc3200.


next i put in my old dimms and started searching the web for help.

i found some helpful articels and posts. most of them told me, that pc3200 and the p4g8x just work fine together - but most of the users have a fsb of 200mhz und i can just get 133-150mhz, cause my p4 2.53ghz won't work at those frequencies.


after that i gave them a last try: i put every single dimm in every slot and suddenly it worked. a single 512mb dimm in slot1. bios ok, windows ok, and i'll run memtest later.

the system won't boot if i put the other dimm in any slot.


so my questions:

is it even possible to run those dimms in dualchannel on a p4g8x and 133mhz fsb?

i can't boot with the second dimm installed - so i can't run memory tests for it. is it even possible to exchange the dimm under guarantee?




Asus P4G8x Deluxe (Intel 7205 granite bay)

Pentium 4 2.53 Ghz (19x 133Mhz)

Radeon 9500 Pro


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wow you are fast :eek:



yes i've the latest bios on it (1007.002) yes its a beta bios, i needed it for my tv-card. i've loaded the bios defaults first of all. so no overclocking, no overvolting und no user defined timings or someting.


currently i'm running a single DDR400 dimm.

aida says: 2-2-2-6 timings (by spd)


can i give you any more information?

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Adding more voltage will help to improve memory performance and stability. In additon, DDR400 spec for memory voltage is 2.6 Volts +- .1 volt and JEDEC spec for PC-2100 was 2.5 Volts +- .1 Volt since the MB is likely set for PC-2100 it may be under volting the memory.
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ok. i set it to 2.7 volt and the timings to 2-3-3-6.

still the same problem.

the first dimm is (currently) running. when i put in the second one, it says "system failed memory test". regardless if i plug it in together or alone in any other slot.

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thank you for your help so far.

i bougth this memory by an reseller in austria and told him today about this case. i think i should wait what they say bout it and if they will replace it, i'd prefer this, because it could be faster on that way.


ps: as i read in other posts here, some users were very irritated when they tried to change their timings on an p4g8x and nothing happend. maybe you know it already - its a bios bug which was fixed afaik in version 1006 (or in the tweaked 1005 version from http://www.x86-secrets.com)

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