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A8N-SLI Premium and XMS Series Help.


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My current system is configured for SLI, but currently my system keeps crashing at random times. Sometimes it takes me to a blue screen for a few seconds then it restarts my computer. Sometimes it just restarts itself, and other times it gives me a nv4_disp.dll display driver failure. It even crashed on me when i was looking in the Bios screen for the voltage readings.


I've tested each part individualy in another system and everything worked fine except the motherboard. I've already RMA'd the motherboard once before. So i called up Asus again and they said that its very rare that 2 different boards would have the same problem. They said it might be the compatibility issue between my memory and the motherboard. The other issue can be grounding or the PSU.


So here i am, checking to see if it is indeed the compatibility issue between the memory and the board. Right now i have the A8N-SLI Premium by Asus, and for Memory i have 4 sticks of CORSAIR XMS 1GB 184-Pin DDR 400 SDRAM (PC 3200) Unbuffered System Memory Model CMX1024-3200PRO - Retail

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not all 4 are plugged in atm

i only got 2 of them in right now, but when i ran tests i only had 1 in.


the 2 that i have out right now are



and the other one is




i have them at default voltage

if u need the exact readings, let me know ill have to restart my comp.

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I had one of those boards. That board has extremely high power requirements. Its something along the lines of needing like 18 amps on the 12volt rails (check asus's forum pages, this is a very common problem). The ramdom restart problem is usually caused by an under amped supply. I had a 500 watt supply that did something very similar, and I also got the nv4 errors. I switched to a 550 Antec Truepower supply, and it fixed those problems. PS - that board is not the most stable board to being with.


http://vip.asus.com/forum/bbs.aspx?board_id=1&SLanguage=en-us Then pick A8N-SLI Premium.

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the current PSU that im using is a really good one, the 12v rail is running at 34amps here's the link to the specs so u can see.




As for the ram, i've only got one stick in. so it shouldnt matter if they are exactly the same. I'm really thinking its just the mobo =/ Thing is i had them rma it once already.

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