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VS512MB400 problems that I met


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Hi there Corsair fans. As I am new here, firstly I must salute you :)


Now let me tell you a storry that happened to me and some questions after that.


Untill few hours ago I had only 2 VM256MB400 DDR modules, and I thought that another 512 will not be that bad, so I went to an IT shop and I purchased 1 VS512MB400 module (Corsair).

When I arrived home, i made myself some coffee and after that I plugged that mem module in my PC. Glad to see that my machine has back 1 gb ram, started it and waited to test it :)

But as many of you already encountered this problem, lots of blue screens appeared in my windblows hyper OS :( so i started to ask myself what's happening. Firstly I thought that there may be an incompatibility between my old ram modules and this new one so I started to check this forum to see if other people encountered this problems too, and I finded many answers here (thank you God) so I followed the sugestions I founded here and setted everything as it should be correct, but those f**king blue screens still appeared.

In conclusion my new Corsair Module is damaged. Really damaged :(

Here are some results of some tests I made


Athlon XP (0.13) 2083 MHz
Memory: 511M, 904Mb/sec
FSB: 166MHz
Ram Settings: 166MHz CAS: 2-3-3-8 / Single Channel (64 bits)

In about 8 minutes of testing I received 2051 errors :bigeyes: :bigeyes: :bigeyes: 

Auch (I can say)


And I runned some other tests


Gold Memory v5.07
same result: lots of errors




Doc Memory 2.2b (http://www.simmtester.com)
MATS+ (failed) at 260MB
MARCH B (failed) at 257MB
MARCH C (failed) at 348Mb
Checkerboard (failed) at 346Mb


Just to be sure I removed this Corsair module and reinserted my old 2 x 256MB modules and tested and with memtest86 I received 0 errors :sunglasse


Tomorrow morning I'll take that module to waranty, to be replaced or repaired (don't care about that)


Now my question to you (the ones who knows everything about Corsair) is this: Do you think that Corsair will work in harmony with my old ram on my machine? Or should I sell my old ram and buy another 512 corsair module (i definitelly want to use it in dual channel)


Please note also that my old ram is singlesided, and the Corsair module is doublesided. Can this lead to some incompatibility?


Thank you for your interest in answering my questions!


Cheers :cool:

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