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Bad RAM sticks


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I have a pair of CMX512-3200C2Pro, purchased these in the TwinX set, recently my computer had started rebooting itself for no reason, while under small load, heavy load, or no load. I removed all non essential hardware (sound card) and still had the same problem. So I decided to test the RAM, one stick shows errors in MemTest, I removed that stick. Tested the other one, showed no errors. Still the computer would reboot itself. I changed the timings to see if that was the problem, went from 200Mhz FSB (DDR400), 166,133, and 100. Still the same problem. Finally I found an old stick of ram, 256MB 133, stuck it in, and no problems since. I would like to request an RMA to get these replaced.


Thanks for your time.


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