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So, I think I have a bad part


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I have a Tyan 2466 MOBO, Athlon MP 2600, no overclocking!

I have the following modules;

CM74SD1024RLP-2100/Y 0319028-0 PC2100R-25330-N1

CM74SD1024RLP-2100/N 0353014-0 PC2100R-25330-N1

CM74SD1024RLP-2100/M 0327726 PC2100R-25330-N1


Currently the problem is that when I boot in OS, it just reboot.

I've downloaded the Memtest86+, and running it, test 2 fails.


My next steps are to isolate which modules are failing and verify that it isn't a slot problem, but I wanted to post this to ensure that I haven't got a compatibility issues.


Memtest86 reports the following:

Athlon XP (0.13) 2000 Mhx

L1 Cache: 128K 12270MB/s

L2 Cache: 512K 3906MB/s

Memory: 3072 542MB/s

Chipset: AMD 762 (ECC : Disabled)


I'm not sure what setting that I should have in my Bios, other than I've set the CPU SDRAM Frequency to 133. Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to try/do. Thanks!


UPDATE: Two of the modules did not pass the test with Memtest86+.

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