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A friend of mine has bought memory for his computer. On the bill is written:


Corsair 256 MB DDR400 32MX64 Value Select PC 400, Cas 2,5.


But Everst Home Edtion says this:


[ DIMM3: Samsung M3 68L3223DTM-CB3 ]


Eigenschappen Geheugenmodule:

Modulenaam Samsung M3 68L3223DTM-CB3

Serienummer 440A4096h

Fabricagedatum Week 9 / 2003

Modulegrootte 256 MB (1 rank, 4 banks)

Moduletype Unbuffered

Geheugentype DDR SDRAM

Geheugensnelheid PC2700 (166 Mhz)

Modulebreedte 64 bit

Modulespanning SSTL 2.5

Foutdetectiemethode Geen

Verversingsfrequentie Gereduceerd (7.8 us), Self-Refresh


Can somebody tell which is true?





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