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Upgrading MSI MS-6728


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Hey guys,


I want to upgrade my system, but can find neither my mainboard nor my current RAM-modules in the Memory Guide. I hope you can provide a suggestion on the RAM I should buy to enhance the RAM-capacity of my system from currently 512MB to 1,5GB.

Here's the current configuration:


MSI MS-6728 Mainboard (Versionstring: "100")


Corsair TWINX CMX256A-3700

XMS3700 v1.1

256MB 0327721




Thanks in advance,


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865PE_Neo2-FIS2R (MS-6728)

865PE_Neo2-S (MS-6728)

865PE_Neo2-LS (MS-6728)

865G_Neo2-LS (MS-6728)

865G_Neo2-PLS (MS-6728)

865PE_Neo2-PLS (MS-6728)

865PE_Neo2-PFS_(Platinum_Edition) (MS-6728)

865PE_Neo2-PFISR (MS-6728)

865PE_Neo3-F (MS-6728)



Which one do you have?

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Oh, there they are... my apologies and thanks for the quick reply.


It's the "865PE Neo2-LS" as I just found out.

I still can't find the RAM I'm currently using in the "Corsair Configurator", only the 3200 and 4000. This is really confusing me.

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