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RMA Request for PC2100R-24330-C1


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Hi, the company I bought this from (ZZQOnline) is no longer i business, I haven't used this PC in awhile and Im getting errors and system freeze, the module is 1GB stick and only showing 512MB. Im using the module on a Tyan Tiger MP. I tried running the test and it wouldn't even work. My problem is I cannot remember the exact date of purchase but I have replaced this type of module before and my name should be on record.
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Corsair 1GB PC-2100 DDR RAM - ECC, Registered, Low Profile



Tyan Tiger MP


I tried running the test with two different computers and had the same results. The module is only registering 512mb of the 1gb. I have spent 3 days making sure it wasn't something else before I wasted your time, its the module that is bad.

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