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Need expert's help! Compatibility issue.


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I have a new system to build, and would like your comment and advises.


I actually already tried few of the components listed here, but non really worked out too well for me.


My first question is, "Is AMD Athlon64 4000+ San Diego compatible with Corsair 3500LLPRO 2GB kit? Will memory controller for the 4000+ be able to handle the 3500LLPRO?"


My second question is, "I'm sure both components will work with my Asus board since they are listed in Asus' compatible web-site. But few people reported that 3500LLPRO will not work with Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe with different CPUs. Even after a couple of returns and replacement due to their thoughts of getting a set of defects. Why is that happening?"


I would be really appriciated for the answers on the question above. Thaks for all your help in advance.



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