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unCool fan troubles


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I recently installed the Cool kit in my new rig. It works fantastic with the exception that the TEI fan makes a loud rattling noise.


My first question... is the kit delivered via an RMA covered under a new warranty, or is its warranty only good for the 2 years of the kit it replaced?



See I received this kit awhile back when I had to RMA my Hydrocool 200. A month of so passed to get the RMA then I realized I needed a new case as my original only had 80mm fans slots. It sadly took months for me to get a new acrylic case from Clear PC of Canada. Ick. The case looks fantastic but the 2 months it took to process the order was not.


In all that time the original warranty that covered my Hydocool would have ran past 2 years. Unless the new kit is covered separately.


Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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