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Asus A8N5X & Value Select VS1GB400C3


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I am currently building a few machines for our office (a development shop), based on the Asus A8N5X motherboard, Athlon 64 3500+, and an Antec SP350 power supply.


Each machine is kitted out with 2GB (consisting of 2 sticks of VS1GB400C3), however, the majority of the systems are reporting memory errors in memtest86+, normally on test 5 (block move). Only one machine is stable.


We are running them using the SPD settings, at the default voltage (though increasing it to 2.8V did not help).


The memory tests fine on Pentium 4 boards at the same speed.


Do you have any suggestions?

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I am currently running these boards at DDR333, with no stability issues. I would like to have them running at 400MHz if possible though.


Is it possible that these sticks are drawing too much current at DDR400 for this board? (we still get memory errors with 2 sticks in single channel at DDR400)

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