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Bad Module - Need RMA


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Memory in question is TWINX 1024-3200C2PT.


Had it for a few months, then recently started getting random reboots and STOP errors. Checked BIOS settings to make sure nothing changed, tested mutliple components and drivers. Ran video benchmarks to test video as well. Checked various temperatures (CPU, MB, Video, ambient) and found to be running nice and cool on all ends. PSU voltage looks good too. Reboot happens in Safe Mode as well. Ran WD HDD testing utility to be safe. HDD checked ok.


Ended up testing modules seperately with newest Memtest86 and found one to be bad... stopped testing when it hit 13,000 errors. Reseated memory and ran test again with same result. Currently running the good module and haven't had any errors as of yet.


Please advise.



CPU: Athlon 64 3200+

PSU: Antec 480W

Video: Geforce 6800GT

HDD: WD 1600JB (160GB SATA)

Case: Antec P180

CD-RW: Mitsumi 52x/48x/52x

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