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Is my memory bad?


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I purchased a pack of 2 x 1gb memory modules: (VS2GBKIT400C3) from zipzoomfly.com late november '05

I was not able to use the memory until recently. I am using the memory in an ABIT IS7 board, in dual channel mode. It boots fine, but the system will reboot, blue screen, freeze randomly. OS = XP Pro. I have not tried adjusting any BIOS settings.

I can put some other Kingston ram in and it works fine.


What BIOS settings do you suggest i try?


Also, I just read about testing my ram with memtest86, I will try that after I get the suggested BIOS settings.



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Ok after reading these forums all day, I went home and tried several different configurations. Differing timings, voltages etc (nothing above 2.7v)

I got memtest86 and tested each stick of ram seperately, and I definately have a bad stick. I got about 15000 errors in a matter of 20 seconds. The other stick tested perfectly with no errors.


What is the next step? RMA? Since I bought this as a kit, is it possible to just return the bad stick for replacement instead of both?


Thanks for your help.

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