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System crashes, boot time getting slower.


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just finished my build and have been having a huge amount of trouble.


ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Bios 1011-001 Hyper transport @5

TwinX2048-3200C2PT 2-3-3-6 @2.75 1T

Athlon 64 X2 4200

Sata2 320gigs

SB audigy 2zs



latest nforce chipset drivers, everything else up to date on fresh xp home install.


everything seems to be running smooth except im now getting some memory read errors and game crashes. Ive even had a couple blue screens of death, but my system rebooted too fast to see what they were.


Ive also been running SisSoft Sandra to test my memory/chipset benchmarks, and they seem to be getting worse every time i run it. My boot time was almost instant, now its a good 35 seconds of windows loading screens.


Also, World of Warcraft has crashed a total of 15 times in 1 hour all with the same memory read errors.


Ive also noticed that the memory in the dual channel "B1" is running much hotter than the "A1" socket. Is that normal?


i ran memtest for 11 hours and found no errors at the above timings.



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Power supply is brand new 550w Antec truepower 2.0, how would i test it to know if it was faulty?


cpu is 22-32c full load


im pretty sure i have stable power at home.


ive tested the sisoftware sandra cache and memory benchmark many times and cant get anywhere near the 6.2 speed, 6000+ score i got the first day i tested.

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