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Phantom Corsair PRO Series RAM?


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Hello there, First time been here, regular at other forums,


anyway, i've been using GE1L Ultra-X 1GB RAM for quite some time now, satisfied with it, but now i'm ready to jump into corsair's bandwagon.......

My nearest retailer have a 1GB Corsair TwinX PRO Series RAM, but suprisingly enough i couldnt find any review, nor any specs on Corsair official website......


here are more info on the RAM Markings:




TWINX1024-3200PRO (This is at the back of the packaging)


The ram timing stated on the RAM is very bad, 400Mhz 3448 (CL3-4-4-8). Is it a good model or just a corsair low-end module on a PRO Series heatspreader?

Anyone with experience with this module? How far can it goes? What chip does it use?


If its good, going to get it end of this month. Hope my first experience with Corsair is going to be a good ones.....


Thanks in advance for any info!


P/S : Why did this forum block other RAM manufacturer names?

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Thanks for the fast response.......

Here's more info on the RAM modules :

Part Number : CMX512-3200PRO

Version Number : XMS3200v1.3

Lot Number : 0524137


There seems to be no match for these RAM on the IC Inquiry Thread.........


The closest match are:

CMX512-3200Pro XMS3200 v1.3 0451055-1 = Samsung -5 TCCD


But the lot number aint the same............

The thing that bothers me the most is the timings on the RAM labels............ 3448 aint a pretty number, and they are no reviews whatsoever about the aforementioned PRO series RAM!


Can anyone confirm that this RAM is overclockable and can run at tight timings, ETC. CL2 @ DDR400?


Thanks in advance for the reply, Corsair support ROCKS!

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I'm not from Corsair :)

Then, you have my personal thanks............ :D


NO one can confirm they'll be able to run @ CAS 2.0, as they're rated @ 3.

That's the thing that bothers me most, because for modules like XMS4000PRO are guaranteed to run at 500Mhz @ CL3-4-4-8.


I thought that Corsair XMS are supposed to be highly overclockable - and since its a PRO series with those LED indicator - shouldnt it supposed to be a good performer?

Or, is there any Corsair XMS PRO module that uses normal quality chip but have flashy heatspreaders?


As i've never own Corsair RAM before, all my question are kinda noobish :p. Corsair entered my country market quite late.........

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