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There is no way my TwinX 4000 were pretested - help


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I bought 2Gig of twinX4000 from a reputable dealer in the UK.


I knew straight away there were problems when the machine started crashing when I ran games or even, sometimes, internet exploder/firefox with the new RAM at stock DDR400 speeds. I made sure I had relaxed timings etc.


Well I swapped it out into another machine with different mobo just to double check, then back in again to my main machine. No joy.


Then I notice a really really bad BURNING smell, my machines powers down and I open up to find one DIMM smoking and too hot to touch. Keep in mind that I am running on an abit AN7 with standard voltages... I was able to put my old ram back in the same DIMM slots and luckily it hasn't fried my mobo (computer running as usual with old RAM). The tech support guy at the store didn't seem to believe me when he gave me the RMA number though, which is VERY worrying.


What I am wondering is:


(a) Will they blame me when I send the RAM back? i.e. am I screwed?

(b) How could this set possibly have been tested? It didn't even run properly in windows at DDR400 when its supposed to run at DDR500. Unless they use something like memtest to test modules (as much use as a chocolate fireguard that program - great if your RAM is going to fail in DOS mode, no good comparing to windows loads for RAM)

© What on earth could have caused a DIMM to short so badly? I've been building for 10 years and never had one go tits up like this before ;)


Thanks for any opinions :)

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(a) doubt it.

(b) product could have been mishandled or damaged in shipping to the U.K.


Memtest is just for us ordinary users and it is a huge load on a system as it tests areas of memory that Windows can't touch because Windows is loaded into it.


Corsair uses BIG buck specialty machines/fixtures to test the sticks more exhaustively than Memtest could ever hope to do. The link to Xms Qualification and Testing:




© misshandling at some point and of course Murphy.

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