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Long ongoing issue


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I've been dealing with a problem for about 4 days now. First off, my system specs are in my signature. I've been having a problem with my computer rebooting for a while now. It happened after I upgraded from a 2.0ghz 400fsb cpu. The thing is though I get the same problems with a 3.0ghz and the cpu in my sig. Now I found that if I only use 1 of my 2 memory sticks then I get no errors at all. but if I use both (in dual or single channel mode) then my computer will randomly reboot, ill get error screens, and some programs won't work as they should. I got memtest86+ working. When I have either stick in there separatly and I run the test for about 30minutes I get no errors. When I run with the 2 sticks together I get numerous errors like this one (all on test five)


test Pass Failing address Good Bad err-bits Count

5 2 00036e58338 ffffefff ffffe7ff 00000800 1


now I'm getting somewhere but since I've never used memtest I dont know what to take from these readings. Since separatly the memory is fine does this basically mean that it's not a RAM problem or since I am getting errors when both the sticks are in does this mean that it is a RAM problem for sure??? PLEASE HELP!!! thanks

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