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So I think I have bad ram


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So here is my story, I built two identical machines with identical parts. I have two ValueSelect 1GIG of DDR2 533FSB sticks SN(5018-0548090-1 -331049) & (868=0543066-0 - 082245) part numbers VS1GB533D2. When 5018-0548090-1 -331049 is in a machine running 2003 server it will randomly blue screen, swapped the chip with the stick from the other machine it works fine no problem. I ran memtest68+ on both sticks on the same machine. The stick in question fails with the information below. When the other chip is in the machine it works fine. So I have bad ram. Do you have any other suggestions to confirm this?


Output from the bottom of Memtest86


Tst - Pass - Failing Address - Good - Bad -Err-Bits - Count - Chan

4 - 0 - 000215e8a3c-533.5MB-3430d8ec-3431..... Filled the entire bottom of the screen, this also seems to change every so often with different addresses. At the top it says 6144 errors and counting from when I started typing this bottom portion of this message. If requested I can take screen shots of the screen or print screen to a printer the results. When running the same test on the same machine with the other memory stick which is identical, no errors or in windows no random blue screens occur.


Thank you for your time and hope to hear back soon.

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