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Ram stick went bad


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Hello RAM guy,

I'm looking to RMA one of my XMS3200 512mb series ram sticks. CMX512-3200C2. My computer recently froze and would not boot at all. It merely beeped at me. After checking connections, I tried taking out the MB battery to reset cmos and whatnot to no avail. Next I looked at the ram sticks. They physically look fine, but i decided to check em. With both sticks in place, the computer doesnt boot. One stick can boot the computer in both slots alone, the good ram. The bad ram will not boot the computer in either slot. Either combination of ram sticks in the 2 slots together fails to boot the computer. So I concluded one of the ram sticks went bad, as my computer is running fine on the one 512mb xms series corsair. I purchased from new egg about 2 years ago, and the 1 year return has expired. Just requesting an RMA for a replacement. Thanks!


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