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Something's wrong with my pc3200 DDR dual Channel sticks.

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The SPD of these RAM sticks is 3-3-3-8@2.6v. And the advertised timings are 2-3-3-6@2.75v. First I tried to set it to 2-3-3-6@2.75v and it immedeatly gave lockups and BSODS. Now I set it back to factory settings, I even CLEARED the CMOS with my jumper, but what happens? The RAM decideds to go to 3-5-3-8 now!!! It won't even run at the advertised timings anymore! I tried nearly everything, I even put it at 3-3-3-8 and I get BSODS. I took the RAM out, put it in other DIMM slots but same resault... this is VERY dissapointing and I want to exchange this and get it replaced. I don't have the original package because it just came in a plastic foldable and newegg.com told me that you guys can replace it.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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