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As of yet I have not decided to buy this kit, so this is more of an exploratory question.


My Motherboard is the Pre-SLI K8N Neo4 Platinum.


I have an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Newcastle.


Currently I have 2x512MB Hynix DDR DIMM PC3200(400MHZ) .


What I was wondering was would the 2x1GB XMS 3200PRO work in my board??


The part number is TWINX2048-3200PRO.

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Just what I was hoping to hear.


I have also been looking at the TWINX1024-3200C2PT 1GB DDR DIMMs



The combo of their cooling(my Hynix lacks that, :!oops: ) and latency, looks mighty attractive:sunglasse


The price at scancomputers is way cool :):


When I looked at the list of compatible boards the K8N Neo4 SLI was the nearest to mine.


This is a silly question Wired, but I presume those DDR-DIMMs would fit my requirements?? lol:laughing:

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Superb, I am currently eyeing up some very reasonable hardware(Gigiabyte mobo, HDD, and Mem), which will make me some huge savings):D:


Your answer means that I can beginning planning because the online store will make me on average a saving of £100+/item:biggrin:


Memory first, I always thought that the absence of a heatspreader could be a factor, and those 3200Pro C2-PT sticks look well wicked -if you'll pardon a phrase used by clubbers over in the UK:laughing:


Make yourself a drink, and chill wired, you've been a great help:):

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Mobo K8N Neo4 Platinum.


AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Newcastle.


TwinX 1024 3200C2-PT(2x512MB)DDR DIMMs.


What I need is the right bios settings, as when I looked the first time I was mighty confused.


Particularly when you say leave all the other settings to default, and voltage to 2.75.


Could you explain the voltage bit, and the default settings bit.


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