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bad memory?

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hey guys,


im new to the upgrading hardware parts on my laptop so i'll to try and explain my situation as best i can.


ive got a dell notebook with one stick of 512 PC2700 ram. so i decided that i would upgrade with another stick in my other slot. i ordered a stick of vs512sds333 from tigerdirect last week. i know i got the right stuff but heres my problem. i popped the stick in just fine on wednesday night and made sure that my notebook knew i had 1 gig now. then on thursday night i was typing up a school paper and my laptop totally froze. i had to hold down the power but to get it off. i restarted and the same thing happened five minutes later. so i took out the old stick and just put the new stick in and it froze up again. so i know its either the new stick or some settings are wrong. does anyone know what i need to do to fix it? if its bad memory where do i go to order a replacement?


any help would be appreciated,



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