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Problem, MB or Memory

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I put together a Shuttle SN85G4V3 with a stick of 1 Gig PC3200 ValueRam for a friend. The PC constantly reboots. I ran SiSoft Sandra and Memtest86 for this and all tests.


Test 1

Shuttle and 1 gig ValueRam. FAILED BADLY!


Test 2

I tested the Shuttle with 2 other modules, it appeared fine. (swapped out of my other pc's)

1 - ValueRam PC3200 512MB

2 - Generic PC3200 512MB


Test 3

I tested the 1 Gig ValueRam on another Socket 754 ECS Motherboard, it ran fine! (It also worked on an Athlon XP system)


Test 4

I clocked the shuttle at 332Mhz (166x2) with the 1 gig module, it ran fine.

I put the 512 module in at 332Mhz, it ran fine.


Test 5

I put both modules in at 332Mhz, Errors, Errors, Errors.



Is this a Motherboard Problem, defective module or should I be using a differnt module?

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